17yrs / 3 mins - 5 yrs / 1min

DVD loop / Silent. Double sided projection. Shipping Crate.

Part of the Migration series. The films explore notions of transition and departure.

A visual representation of the physical feeling and traumas endured during migration experience. Primary to the work is the evocation of' feeling'.

Communicating a physicality in addition to a surreal and displaced psychological space- the visceral nature of these films connects us with a sense of something worrying. Lulling us into somewhat of a serene relaxed sense the films then reveal a worrying turn - as we witness the transition of the figure from one point to the next.

The packing crate through which the screening oocurs is raw, brusied, battered from travel and international shipping. The smell of the wood and the aesthetic of something firmly grounded in the world. The films however are somewhat dreamlike. They move from being calm, at ease to being disturbed, broken, violent and uneasy.

On encountering the work, we see a body calmly floating, suspended in liquid, turning, moving slowly at first within its white suspension. Secondly the other side reveals the same body moving, drifting amongst debris and fragments of partly recognisable items.

A seductive and violent situation is captured, rendered in silence – indicating a very personal isolating individual private space witnessed.

The films give us a very real sense of 'moving through' something; externally and internally.

2 x DVD loops
1 x 6ft square packing crate, with centrally fitted double projection surface