Carbon Supremacy


A new series of sculpted forms created to explore notions of Continual Combustion and Continuous Exhaustion and highlight our anxieties concerning our relentless and aggressive consumption of fossil fuels.

The works in the series manifest as metaphor to our continued obsessive drive for a forward moving contemporary culture with very little regard for ecological accountability or sustainability.

'If we can see our culture as an engine, it is the most direct and best metaphor we have. Engines constantly consume, burn and exhaust as they continually move forward. Our houses, buildings, cities and circuitry are all engines. There is still very little we do on a daily basis that does not involve burning or consuming fossil fuel resources’.1




1 Migratory Projects: The New Co-efficiency in Contemporary Art, 2010.
Author: Andrew Sunley Smith.
Thorpe-Bowker Australia ISBN: 978-0-646-58330-3






Leave The Lights On While You Dream

Continual Combustion / Continuous Exhaustion

Japanese Charcoal, Lead Sheet














Turbulent Burger Rot

Continual Combustion / Continuous Exhaustion

Birch Plywood, Delivery Truck Tyre Rubber