Carrier IV

Restored and customised 1979 Ford F100 V8.

Perspex, mild steel, stainless steel, fibreglass, aluminium, plywood, acrylic,12v lighting, 1500w inverter, rubber, foam, 120w alternator, automotive enamel, cotton, 720 cca deep cycle batteries, 120 amp cable, 60amp fuses, nylon, rear projection screen, pvc conduit, DVD & VHS players, amplifier, 2 x 60watt outdoor speakers, cassette deck, voice recorder, books, 35mm slides, CD, LP gas bottle, slide projector, data projector, halogen & tungsten lights, ropes & camping equipment

Unique design / bespoke hand fabricated


The carrier vehicle series manifests a parallel form of engineering; mirroring normative worlds yet further extends purpose, creative application and meaning. The form of the work is migratory in its very design, fusing the old and the new. Maximising design, energy potential and space of the vehicle for varied purposes and projects. Its intention is to be a highly pragmatic and usable as well as show influences from Australian car, DIY and camping culture. The vehicle is an integral part of Migratory Projects as it is designed in connection to the Trailer Garden and Sauna works.

Primary to the artwork is the use of the combustion engine. The original base vehicle was chosen for its year of manufacture and also due to its apex ‘high end’ engine – a Cleveland V8 5.6 litre, LPG. A key vehicle commonly used throughout the developing modernist world.

The Carrier supports and provides power source for the Drive Out Cinema / Furniture drag projects - Australia / Denmark / Scotland. – The vehicle drags, pulls and sculpts domestic items of furniture chosen for the drag work films. It also provides lighting for the shooting of the films and documenting of the process. The vehicle has also been used to cook, using engine heat (Road Trip Dinners) and to travel with the Trailer Garden in a number of road tests and explorations directly into the landscape.

The vehicle screens its films from a custom made roof mounted projection unit. The films are projected onto a bonnet mounted/bull bar fitted screen or directly onto the sides the buildings. The work intensifies and links many ideas into its form; Green engineering, dymaxion design, micro architecture, shelter, travel, self sufficiency, work space, film unit, tool, resource centre. The project has occurred in three different countries has involved road trips, social events, screenings, audio plays, and three international versions of the Drive Out Cinema & Furniture Drags ( AUST/ DK/ SCOT)

These vehicle projects are by intention duplicitous, displaying and offering the notion of escape and greater social interaction. Highly functional and supportive machines - yet ultimately destructive.

Machines that always consume, burn and continually exhaust.

Symbolically and ecologically connections can be drawn between the furniture drags and the feelings experienced and endured by process of migration as well as the forward velocity of a fuel based machines continuing the destruction of our atmostpheres and natural environment.

The engine in all its vehicular forms and sizes is also what moves goods and people around the world.

Exhibiting an example of recycling and the care to restore a perfectly usable machine for greater longevity and extended use- the Carriers in their completed presence intend to not support the purchase of new vehicles but emphasise the need to adapt and extend previously existing systems.

Through the process of restoration and DIY manufacture one becomes familiar, more competent and aligned with understanding the machines that surround us; being able to fix things oneself is a large part of the experience of the project.

Conceived as a multi-purpose functional ‘migratory’ art work to sculpt, screen films and support a contemporary art library as well as all audio visual media formats.

Screenings, events and interventions 2018:



Carrier 1 - Australia / Carrier II - Denmark / Carrier III - Scotland / Carrier IV - Australia