The Drive Out Cinema

+ Furniture Drag Objects

Australia 2005-06

DVD loop + Audio
, domestic furniture, Carrier vehicle - Cleveland V8 LPG engine, cotton/nylon rope, earth, stones, velocity

Dimensions variable

Objects sculpted - created using the landscape and the Carrier vehicle.

Primary content is about Migration, displacement, destruction and the turbulence caused by aspects of relocation; whether enforced or chosen. Vital to the work is the notion of forward movement.

In the Drive Out Cinema film we see roads, dust clouds, people running - attempting to catch up or get left behind. We see familiar items of domestic furniture, dragged and torn apart.

Filmed at night, the objects seem isolated from life, drifting, as they are torn, damaged and broken apart. The Drive Out Cinema investigates themes of loss and how these processes impact upon human relationships and our relation to our material possessions.

We reapeatedly witness various items of familiar domestic furniture, entertainment devices, leisure goods - large and small; Beds, fridges, chairs, televisions, cookers, washing machines, design furniture, couches, computers - all are dragged and eventually destroyed through the process of forward movement.

In the Australian films we see unknown figures run towards us, not desiring to be left behind as they attempt to keep up.

Dusty and muddy surfaces reveal the landscape of Australia. The roads are always constant and present in these films and the remnant presence of the surfaces which created these objects is left like a drawing upon the surfaces of each piece.

The films are poetic, violent and mesmerizing to watch - with the viewer being left with a series of dissolving lost highways and silent dust clouds in what could be a poignant ending or a new beginning.

The processed 'dragged' objects in these films are sculpted and changed by the road and vehicle directly.
The scars, bruises, scrapes and demolished pieces form the installation and context in which the films are installed and projected.

These objects highlight and provide a direct physicality to the experience of migration and the affects of continually moving forward. They are both metaphoric and direct non representational examples of a psychological state.

Through using different styles and material values of furniture the project connects to people of different age, socio economic groups and backgrounds.

Constant to each installation is the deep bellowing drone of the engine and the scraping of the destructive process endured and undergone by the furniture. The actual destruction of our most familiar objects within our built domestic environments presents a psyhcological landscape of loss and sadness as well as alludes to a symbolic ecological reality - especially when our sense of place and environment is perceived as being destroyed by velocity and the combustion engine.

“ I want people to consider, see and feel what it is like to lose all that is familiar. Through force or choice, migration and displacement is an ever increasing and pressing issue in the contemporary world".

"I think its more urgent now for us to question our own needs and desires for the lastest items and consumer goods – goods under constant production which ultimately have a far reaching global affect.