Fall / Repeat

A car falling perpetually. The film is taken from found stock footage from the artists archive. The version finally produced is purposely ‘pushed’ in post production, so as to be highly saturated, in colour, a ‘little off’, ‘unnatural’ and ‘unusual’ and further degraded, so that we become conscious of the surface and the mechanics of the footage. The film is a copy -of a copy- of a copy from original transmission, through TV, to hi 8 video tape, to mini DV then to digital CD. This intentional methodology alludes to the continual production loop engaged in our repetitious industrial culture.
The film is silent, and is a continual repetition, the car never hitting the ground, as if a descision has yet to be made or the natural laws indicate something wrong.. we want the car to smash, expectantly, but it doesn’t, it continues to fall.
Perhaps a metaphor for our current industrial situation.

DVD 6 min loop / Offset rear projection screen / silent