Glasgow International 2010: Atypical Route

Granite cobble stones, Enamel Paint, Public Space

Hundreds of original historic granite cobble stones were redeployed from city council stockpiles within the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

The old cobblestones still used by Glasgow city council were modified and distributed aound civic areas and pedestrian precincts along the Clyde river and commonly used access routes used by the Glasgow public and visitors to the 2010 festival.

Ubiquitious throughout the city the original cobble stones underlay both roads and pathways and are still very much crucial foundations to the city. The stones were cleaned, hand painted and decorated with individual names of influential international contemporary creative producers and influencers to Sunley Smiths artistic practice.

Once painted the stones were then redistributed and placed in areas to provide unusual mnemonic encounters to the passing populations of Glasgows public during common everyday journeys through the city

Sensitively tagged with the name of a creative generator from art, design, design, architecture, film, fashion and literature; the stones functioned as a link, an encounter that placed the names of these influential creative people along the pathways and routes of a wider city audience.

"Cobblestones - very beautiful things - you see them under tarmac, protuding, impressively prised up by kids, sometimes used to create damage and vandalism. The stones still play a crucial part in the citys function, allowing links, roads, pathways - they still to this day provide a foundation.

I liked that they are laid by hand, still to this day. When they are loose you always notice them - I used this displacement so that people would encounter the names painted on them more readily.

Some of the named stones were stolen, some people placed flowers by them. I saw someone taking down names in a notebook. Others remain in place for continued reading."

Andrew Sunley Smith - March 2010.