The Model

A 1:1 scale clip apart sculpture that includes all relevant and typical items owned and needed by an average young male art student in 1992.

The work could potentially be clipped apart and installed by a viewer to make a perfect scene of the contents of a young artists room.

The work was also intended as a parody of a trophy depicting everyday items. Additionally the work represents a small system of objects and a snapshot of a young artists life.

Mild steel, fibreglass, epoxy enamel, selected found objects, bike, TV, shopping trolley, typewriter, books, Cds, Various tools, Pillows, clothing, drawing box, kettle, cups, Stereo, backpack, cricket gear, guitar, boots.

H 3000mm x L 8000mm x D 400mm ( 3mt x 8mt approx)

Collaborative work with Bruce Slatter