Road Trip Dinners

DVD slide show and printed text.

This project involved the Carrier I vehicle and Trailer Garden.

Initially commissioned by an independent curator for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, the outline was to create a meal and recipe from lost or unusual food cooking techniques. Using and testing the Carrier vehicle as originally conceived, the heat energy from the engine was maximised and used as an engine oven.

I investigated fishing techniques and how to catch and prepare a fresh beach fish from the South Pacific Ocean in Australia. A fish was successfully caught and using basic ingredients and herbs from the Trailer garden the fish was cooked on the engine whilst driving.

The days events culminated in a fresh tasty meal.

(See instructions & recipe provided)

The work is instructional and provideds a recipe, Cleveland V8 cooking times as well as basicfishing techniques.

A Migratory Project – exploring vehicular energy, travel and survival.