Trailer garden
A Migratory Project

Custom made box trailer / Transfer chassis + Grow light exhibition box
Trailer : L2700mm x W1350mm x H2500mm
Planter Chassis: L600mm x W1120 x H 550mm

Mild steel, Rubber, Bearings, epoxy enamel, aluminium, nylon, stainless steel, marine ply, galvanised steel, silicone, shade cloth, cable ties, pigment, blue metal, potting mix, mulch, worms, 12v lights, garden hose, timer, steel cable, grease, recycled ply, polyurethane, epoxy enamel,
4 x 36watt UV grow lights, plywood, rubber castors, Tasmanian Oak, stainless steel. 240v power cord, timer.

Journeys:Road Tests
Perth – Kellerberrin, Western Australia : 480kmh return trip / Perth WA - Sydney NSW : 3957kmh one way /Sydney – South coast- Murramarang- Pebbly Beach: 580kmh return trip / Sydney - Barrington Tops- Forster Tuncurry: 985kmh return trip


Following the form of a ubiquitous suburban item the work stemmed from a need to utilise prime empty space within the city. Designed also to move with its owner, the trailer contains many plants both edible and medicinal that can travel and supplement the daily diet of an individual or small group.
An advantage is that the garden can be maintained in a tight transit area and saves planting and growing food in a fixed area. There is no need to loose or leave the garden behind if a residential move should occur.

The Trailer Garden is designed as part of the migratory series and is used in conjunction with the Carrier vehicle and also Sauna. The bespoke planter boxes slide out allowing the trailer to function as the transport for the sauna.

Devised in dymaxion form the project maximises all available space and potentials provided from a box trailer. Originally the trailer was fully built from an old chassis and axle as the starting point. In this way the project is another recycled and modified extended form.

The metal canopy is constructed too be removed and taken apart when the trailer is stationary and again replaced when the garden is ‘on the road’. When housed in exhibition, the plants are to be tended and nurtured by staff and viewers and growth is maintained by a fitted gro-light system. The work is interactive and has been used to support various artists and dinners. The trailer was used in Road Trip Dinners instructional film. Recently exhibited at the V&A London and Glasgow CCA in 2006.

The plants are monitored up to speeds of 100kmh and biologically it becomes a survival of the fittest. Conceived in Western Australia the project was travelled, tested and exhibited and has travelled extensively within Western Australia and New South Wales.

Implicit in the project is the idea of understanding the processes involved in growing and maintaining your own food. The care, nurturing and maintenance more commonly given over to larger consortiums. The trailer is the manifestation of bringing these processes back into a highly developed and increasing populated environment.


Plants Ongoing: 2002 - 06

Rosemary, oregano, basil, lemon thyme, curly parsley, tree wormwood, fennel, garlic, golden cane palms, rhubarb, aloe vera, peppermint, tea tree (melaleuca), liriope grass plant, rocket, tomatoes, coriander, corn, Japanese mondo grass, Kings park wattle, kangaroo paw, Greek basil, Thai Chilli, Mexican tarragon, lemon grass, Spanish olive, cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, dwarf meyer lemon, mint, Spring onion, garlic chives, zuccini, eggplant, peppers, crassula jade, lillipilli bush.